Pice Dam

Pice Dam was taken from the name of Sir Vance, a Dutch architect - in Gantung - Belitung; this dam is a remnant of historical building lives on the upper part of Lenggang River in Gantung, Belitung Timur. Not less than 50m in length, was built in the period of 1934-1936. It has 16 gates with the size of each gate 2.5m, from these gates runoff water and forms the waterfalls by 10m high.

In the era when the management of tin mining was carried out by Dutch Private Own Company, NV. GMB, the dam was functioned as a device of controlling water level in purposing to make easy the working system of the dredging-ships to dredge tin ore!

This is just a dam, but during Idul Fitri, there are boat track while you can rent a boat to travel along Lenggang River while the Pice Dam is placed. The Pice Dam was aimed to stock up the water of Lenggang River for tin mining exploitation in the upper course of the river. Lenggang River is the biggest and longest river in Belitung Island with almost half of wide of Belitung Island. Lenggang River is also famous with a specific small fishes called Cempedik.

This fish can only be found in Lenggang River in Belitung Island. They usually appear only during rainy session especially if raining continuously happening in 3-4 consecutive days. People usually catch those fish by a dragnet, and the place is in Pice. There will be hundreds of kilo fish of Cempedik can be catch during a day. This is a small fishes, less than 5 cm long. But, fried Cempedik are some of the most delicious dish from Belitung Island.



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