Travel essentials in Indonesia

Dasril Iteza - Indonesia is a key destination for many travelers from all around the world. It has a population of more than 200 million, scattered all throughout its more than 17.508 islands. It is located in Southeast Asia, near Malaysia and the South China Sea. Indonesia offers diversity in: tourism objects, historical buildings, temples, cultures, religions, lifestyles and many more.

Transportation. There are various ways to travel in Indonesia. Some of them are fun! From regular buses, taxis, trains, busways, planes, ships, boats - to exotic Becak and Andong or Delman (vehicle with horsepower-in the literal sense).

For instance, in Jakarta, you can try riding a bajaj - now slowly being replaced by another transportation called "kancil". This three-wheeled vehicle is very famous? in Jakarta, especially since a serie in TV featuring bajaj has gained popularity. Bajaj and Kancil can only be found in Jakarta.

Aceh, for instance, has another unique transportation called becak motor (motorcycle pedicab). This becak motor, unlike other usual type of pedicab, uses motorcycle. Even though it's quite noisy, this mode of transportation has become the favorite for locals and tourists.

Cuisine. Indonesia is indeed a culinary heaven. Whatever taste you're hankering for, you'll be able to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger here. Bear in mind that Indonesia has various traditional food. If you're looking for something hot and spicy, you might want to try Padangese food (West Sumatra). If you want something sweet, opt for Javanese food (in Jogjakarta, for instance). Most tourists prefer Sundanese food.

Most major cities in Indonesia provides various culinary experiences. Jakarta, for example, is a blend of diverse ethnicities. Therefore, the city provides a taste of each culinary specialties from different regions.

One tip, though, if you're not sure what you're eating, you just need to ask. Many Indonesians understand a bit of English and won't hesitate to explain.

Packing Tips. Pack light! Indonesia is blessed with plenty of sunshine, so clothes with lightweight material will suit the climate best. On rainy season (October - April) please be advised to bring a raincoat or an umbrella. Some places in Indonesia prefer the visitors to dress modestly, though, so please check the local customs.

You can also buy clothes in Indonesia. That way, you can bring a few items then get the rest in this nation. Even though Indonesia is a tropical country, you can find clothes for winter season in some of the factory outlets.




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