AdSense marketing secrets

I found article which are quite informative and useful for us to get tips and advice on how to become a successful AdSense Marketer from Mark Abraham. Either using our blog or website, we will have opportunity to make money online and earn cash by publishing relevant ads.

Here’s AdSense Marketing Secrets...

AdSense marketing can be very profitable if you know how. I have been earning money from adsense marketing for many years now. When I first got started I only had the skills to earn a few dollars, but now I have the ability to earn tens of thousands of dollars from AdSense marketing. AdSense marketing is probably the laziest way to earn money on the internet. You do not need a list and basically once your website is up and running you basically set and forget it only to collect your checks at the end of the month.

I am going to go through some of the basic things I did to some of my web sites that increased my income from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The first thing is the placement of your Google AdSense adverts. You need to place it near the top so that people will notice it. If you have it right at the bottom very few people will actually click on it. You also need to make the advert not look like an advert. For example make the background the same as the background as your web site. For most sites this would be white. You need to make the color of the advert text the same as the text on your website. This makes it look like content. Also if you can use blue this helps to increase the conversion rate as people are conditioned to clicking on blue hyperlinks. Using a 336 by 228 will make your adverts look like content and also increase your click through rates.

One of the useful methods of increasing your AdSense marketing income is to track all your clicks. You can do this by creating AdSense channels and then you can see where all your clicks are coming from. This is very useful as you will be able to see your top performing pages and your worst performing pages. This allows you to have a look at your worst performing pages and improve them. Also you would like to do keyword research and find long tail keywords with very little competition that pay reasonably well. This allows you to create additional pages of content optimized for those specific keywords that will generate more AdSense clicks and money. Now if you produce thousands of these pages you could easily be earning thousands of dollars from Google AdSense. This is a very tedious process. Making money on the internet requires hard work and discipline. There is no magic formula to do it and you need to apply these techniques consistently on a daily basis.

Using these AdSense marketing tactics you have the ability to earn tens of thousands of dollars from Google without having to create any sales pages or building a list. Actually the only thing you need to do is create a good content web site and drive traffic to it and start collecting your checks from Google.



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