Three islands as The National Tourism Destinations in Indonesia 2011

Best of Indonesia travel destinations such family vacation spots, interesting places to tourist around the world, beaches vacation, tourist attractions and places of interest to tour and travel and other. Indonesia is one of wonderful country and one of the world's best places for tourist around the world. There are Three Islands as The National Tourism Destinations in Indonesia 2011:

(1). Bali;
(2). Lombok;
(3). Belitung Island.

Bali. Bali is one of the best places to tour and travel destination in Indonesia and most popular to visit. Bali is exotic island and called paradise island and has famous for tourist local and the world. Many interesting places to visit and attraction in Bali is beautiful. Bali is different from the rest of Indonesia because of its unique form Hinduism called Hindu Dharma. Religion is the main source of traditional custom in family and community life. The soul of baliness is religion, and it finds its expression in art. Many articles and books have been written on Bali. In Bahasa Indonesia, Bali called Pulau Dewata (= Island of Gods)!

Lombok. Lombok islands located to the east of Bali, offers diving for all experience levels. Most of the diving takes place at the Gili islands to the northwest of Lombok however there are a number of other locations around the island. Marine life is also similar to that found in Bali, conditions in the Lombok Strait can be hairy with those strong currents from the Indonesian Through flow. The rewarding result is rich underwater biodiversity, during certain times of the year large fish such as sharks, eagle rays, turtles and manta rays also visit the reefs. There is also the chance to see schooling hammerheads at Blongas Bay.

Belitung. Are you looking for the perfect, exotic getaway destination on a limited budget? If Bali is out of reach, you may want to consider Belitung. Belitung is one small island which surrounded by so vast sea water that the natural beach tourist object would be very ideal to relax, the beach with fascinating panorama, clear water, and white sandy beaches along the seaside. The various formation of rocks make the island more attractive to be enjoyed the such sceneries can be found in Tanjungtinggi, Tanjungkelayang, Bukit Batu, Punai etc.

The tourist attraction which resources from human being or friendly people together with their way of life, custom, traditional ceremony and various kind of the historical reminders object, such as, museums, religious building, lighthouse, dam and so on, which still cared well. The dominant ethnic groups on the island are Malays and Chinese, who speak Indonesian with a Belitung accent.

Belitung or Belitong - formerly known as Billiton and now known as The Land of the Rainbow Troops - are small tropical island with a clear blue sea, white sandy beaches, lush tropical forest, and sterling white quartz-like sandy beaches with diverse shapes of stones, fenced by coconut trees.



Exotic Vacation Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 2:50:00 PM GMT+7  

Lombok Island, beautifull place to relax..

Breckenridge snowmobiling tours Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 1:08:00 AM GMT+7  

I have to gone Bali, that one is really one of the worthy and great place for traveling. And the every moments of that one were really most precious time of my life. This one is elegantly looking one of the most knowledgeable source to know about the best of places of Indonesia. Thanks for sharing.

Dasril Iteza Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 1:32:00 PM GMT+7  

@Breckenridge snowmobiling tours: you're welcome. thanks!

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